Friday, March 1, 2013

Final Europe Recap: Paris

I can't believe I'm on the very last recap of the trip!  I hope you've found them somewhat amusing and not a snooze fest.  In the last photo from the previous post, I was on the train bound for Paris.  Now, I was a little worried about traveling to Paris seeing as how neither the hubs nor I ever took french.  And what little french we learned on the crash-course audio guide was very very basic. Both of us took spanish in high school so when we were in Spain it was pretty easy to get around. But France is a whole new ball game. You can't even try to make it out cuz it's nothing like spanish! Luckily the Parisians speak a fair amount of english so we were never had any problems.

Here's the apartment where we stayed.  It was really lovely (minus the four flights of narrow wooden steps that we had to carry our suitcases up and down).  The landlady was super nice and even printed out maps with restaurant recommendations!   

On our first full day in Paris we went to Joel Robuchon for lunch.  I highly recommend it if you're there! The lunchtime menu was surprisingly affordable (for Paris.. AND for a 2 star Michelin restaurant). Here's the view from the counter where we sat.  I really loved the modern vibe of the place.

Even though I was quite full after lunch I just HAD to get my first macaron of the trip. Especially since I've heard a great deal about Pierre Herme and it just happened to be right upstairs from the restaurant!  While this macaron was super pretty, I thought it was extremely overrated. I don't even recall what flavor I got anymore. :::Side note: I didn't have any Laduree macarons in Paris (I know I know, WTH right? But we just ran out of time and I didn't want to go out of the way just to get one) but I did have some from NY and they weren't anything special either.  Both places were too hard and dry.  I read on a forum that basically these boutique-y places mass produce their macarons in a factory and therefore they're not as good as some local shops. I highly agree. ::: end side note.  Macaron

Afterwards we headed over to the Arc de Triomphe.  A total duh moment here, but before we researched for the trip I used to wonder how the hell people got to the arc since there was a circle of traffic that surrounded it. And then I found out that you go underneath. DUH... silly me to think that you'd have to make a mad dash for it.

As my sister likes to say, here's a photo that I artsy fartsy'd up.

The next day we did more exploring and ended up at the Luxembourg Gardens.  This is one of my favorite parts of this trip! I could sit here all day and just stare and the beautiful scenery and just watch the kids run around.

Here's one of the bridges on the Seine. I forget what the name of this one is... but it's the one with all the locks. obviously.  Hubs and I REALLY wanted to buy a lock and stick it on too... but we didn't feel that it was worth paying 20 euros for one at the hardware store. oh well, next time!

Here is a picture in front of the entrance to the Louvre.  Luckily the line wasn't too long that day. If it was, we would have tried the "secret" alternate entrance that the landlady told us about ;)

We had a daily breakfast of croissants from the local boulangeries around our area. These are SO much better than the ones back home. Pain au chocolat, oh how I miss you.

Here's a picture from the Seine at dusk. Most of the trip, I felt that the super romantic Paris I imagined in my head wasn't real. But then we saw the Seine and dusk and I realized that I had finally found it.  If I wasn't already married, I'd die right there if I got proposed to at that moment (yanno what I'm sayin').

Here's the Eiffel Tower at night. We waited so long that we were able to see the twinkling light show THREE times that night. FYI, the light shows occur every hour. That's how long we stayed there. But it was totally magical and totally worth it.

Now on our last full day we went to Versailles.  This was hands down my most FAVORITEST (is that even a word?) part of the trip.  Seriously people, you must go here. It's like a grand palace and the views look like they go on forever! It's so crazy to think I walked on the same paths that Marie Antoinette and King Louis did.  History is so amazing!

And that concludes the European vacation recaps... but before I end this post, I wanted to show you  my souvenirs of the trip! Now I normally don't spend a lot on handbags.  The only time I really invest in a nice bag is when I go on vacation because I'd like to think that the bags would be more meaningful that way. That's just my opinion (and how I can justify buying them. ha.)

This bag is actually from Barcelona but I totally forgot to show you in the earlier post. sorry! This bag happens to be a find from a vintage shop.  It's from the 1940's. And snakeskin. I was told this bag is actually from Italy. I was on the fence about it but the hubs love it too so he was totally an enabler. Normally he'd say something like "do you REALLY need it?". I just think it's because he really loves that era. 

This next purchase is one that I have been LUSTING over for forever.  Now, it's not the exact one that I wanted. And the reason for that is because we had just bought a home and I couldn't justify spending that kind of money. Especially when we needed to remodel the place. I started to see things in terms of remodel costs. That's a one remodeled bathroom! If you couldn't guess, what I really wanted was the large flap bag.

Instead I compromised with myself and got a wallet on chain.  Now, this wasn't even the one that I was thinking of getting.  But my choices at the boutique were limited (basically it was either this one or the camellia one in red) and I debated whether or not I should... but like I said earlier, this was my souvenir. And when am I EVER going to be here again right? So I went for it and got this one.  I still hope to buy my dream bag one day. I just hope the price doesn't rocket up to an even more absurd amount by then.
Chanel WOC

And thus concludes this entry.  I hope it wasn't too long.  Thanks for sticking through til the end!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. OMG your trip looked AMAZING. and that Chanel WOC? it's gorgeous. Glad you had a good time!

  2. My dream is to dine in Eiffel tower. I hope one day it will come true. Thank you for all great beautiful pictures! :-)

  3. aww LOVE! all my favorite bits of paris in one post!! i love joel robuchon!! one of my favorite places to eat in the world the mashed potatoes are soooo obscene! hahah :) and pierre herme macaroons are soo yummy!

    and sigh how could i not love a post with chanel!! EEPS! i actually LOVE LOVE the cambon collection it's so chic and more youthful then other chanel collections.. i think you made the right choice getting this over the red one.. i'm actually not a huge fan of chanel red.

    1. omg you just reminded me of those delicious mashed potatoes! i want more now! haha.

      and yea, i wasn't totally feeling the red one either ;)

  4. Im going in Paris and I cant wait!

  5. awesome post!

  6. Looks like you had an amazing trip, I'm so jealous! love the Chanel WOC, it's a staple that will last you forever!

    The Purse Snatcher 

  7. Looks like you had such a great time! Loved your pictures and the apartment you stayed in was amazing.
    Great souveniers.


  8. I LOVE Paris. I went a few summers ago and these photos make me wish I was going again! The apartment you stayed in looked so cozy and chic. Great photos, such a stylish traveller! Glad you had fun :) xo

  9. Oh my... what I wouldn't give to be in Paris right now. It looks and sounds so very magical! And that Chanel bag - BEAUTIFUL! :)

  10. Wow Paris looks gorgeous AND delicious! Jealous of your new Chanel.. maybe if I sold all my bags I could afford one hehe

  11. that chanel is so gorgeous! Oh, I miss Paris. <3 I have a lock in the bridge <3

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  12. Great post! I love Paris... It was so much fun scrolling through your pics. I shared your disappointment with macaroons... Also, thanks for the restaurant recommendation. I will definitely try it next time I'm there.


  13. Okay this looks amazing! Your photos turned out great and loving the outfits you chose. Glad you had a great trip! Thanks for sharing! M&K at

  14. How fun! I wish I was there. Everything looks great, and I love your apartment during your stay. Although, I would have hated the stairs part when bringing up the luggage. I think the last picture probably made up for that. Haha! :) Love the Chanel!

  15. Ohh, how I love Paris!
    And your wallet is gorgeous! I think it is a great choice.

    XO The Daily Fashion Drug

  16. You are the second blogger today to talk about Paris, I'm jealous!

  17. AHHH! i so jealous right now!!! My hubby and I are trying to go this fall time!
    and i'm drooling over your chanel clutch! swooon!
    thank u so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! Would love for us to keep in touch! =)

  18. It looks like you had a lovely trip to Paris - I live here and I still never get tired of looking at people`s travel photos, it`s just such a gorgeous city :) But I am sad to hear that you didn`t enjoy your Pierre Herme macarons, they really are the best in Paris, far better than Laduree. If you ever do come back, I recommend trying the creme brulee flavour - if you like vanilla, it`s impossible not to love :)

  19. Hi! I loved all of your Paris photos, thanks for sharing them (especially the food ones)! :) I'll be going to Paris in may, so it's great to see what your thoughts were~ Lookin forward to being in touch!

    ~ lauriel

  20. Great pictures from Paris. Love this city!
    I am following you :)

  21. The chanel clutch is amazing! and your yellow top outfit is so cute!


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