Monday, December 10, 2012

Try and Try Again Pt. 2: Online

In part 1 I showed you all the stuff that I tried on and/or purchased in-store.  For part 2, I'm going to show you pictures of all the stuff I recently ordered online.  I think the success rate of my online shopping was much much lower (which I guess is kind of a good thing since I get my money back).

First up is Gap.  They had a 30% off sale so I ordered these polka dot jeans in 2 different sizes.  I ordered the petite 0 and 2.  I didn't even try the 2 because size 0 was already too loose in some places.  I think the 00s would have been a better fit. The size 0s bunch up in funny places and I also think that they are a bizarre length on me.  Anyway, I didn't love them enough to re-order them in the 00.