Thursday, November 29, 2012

Try and Try Again Pt. 1

This year I didn't do any Black Friday (or Cyber Monday for that matter) shopping.  I wasn't in the mood to fight the crowds in-store and I didn't see any great deals online.  However, since I had the week off of work I decided to head to the local mall and do a little shopping while everyone else was work (in hopes of being able to browse in peace and quiet).  I didn't walk away with much, but here's all the stuff I tried on.

The first stop was Banana Republic.  I really liked their dresses, but sadly they just don't fit my body type.  These were in size 00 petite and it zipped up just fine, but they weren't flattering.  The hemline was too long (not a big deal if I tailor it) and my ribs just stuck out like crazy (so NOT flattering or fixable with tailoring).  I tried on 3 total.  Here's one of them.
Notice the bulging rib cage and the paunch around the belly. yuck.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Apologies for the lack of posting.  Now that we're more settled in after the move AND we have internet, I can start posting again. Hooray! Now onto the vacation recaps!

The first city we visited was Barcelona.  I found Barcelona to be a beautiful city (especially so for those that appreciate architecture).  I'm not an architecture buff and even I enjoyed it!  The first night there hubby and I decided to take a stroll down La Rambla and the surrounding area after dinner. What I love most about Barcelona is that you can just walk to wherever you need to go and not have to rely on public transportation.  We found the one of the Gaudi buildings called Casa Batllo.  It's so detailed that you can stand there and stare at it forever.  Here's a picture of it :