Monday, December 10, 2012

Try and Try Again Pt. 2: Online

In part 1 I showed you all the stuff that I tried on and/or purchased in-store.  For part 2, I'm going to show you pictures of all the stuff I recently ordered online.  I think the success rate of my online shopping was much much lower (which I guess is kind of a good thing since I get my money back).

First up is Gap.  They had a 30% off sale so I ordered these polka dot jeans in 2 different sizes.  I ordered the petite 0 and 2.  I didn't even try the 2 because size 0 was already too loose in some places.  I think the 00s would have been a better fit. The size 0s bunch up in funny places and I also think that they are a bizarre length on me.  Anyway, I didn't love them enough to re-order them in the 00.

I also tried the Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans.  I tried on the regular sizing in-store at an earlier time so I already knew that they ran small.  I ordered 2 pairs (one in white and one in dark grey) in size 2 petite.  The funny thing is that although they are the same size, they fit differently! The white one was much tighter (I should have ordered a size 4!).  The grey ones fit pretty nicely.

Here are the white ones:
 I thought they were too see-through.  Not sure if you can tell or not but if you look closely, you can see the outline of the pocket.

These grey ones fit/feel much better.  They are also a different material than the white ones.  They're softer whereas the white ones felt like a really thin denim.

(I have another order of these jeans coming- the polka dot ones. I'll let you know how those turn out)

Moving on...

I also placed an online order at Target.  The whole reason I placed an order was to try this shirt.  They didn't have my size in-store.  AND when I looked online I saw they had petite sizing! score! But alas, the fit was absolutely horrible.  It was way too loose and boxy. Even if I tucked it in, the arms were too loose. I returned this sucker right away.

They also had this really cute Converse dress on sale.  I decided to try it out but it didn't fit either! It looked rather sack-like on me.  It's too bad. I really liked the greyish-purplish color and the paisley print.

The last thing I ordered were these Roxy Wool Lido Shoes.  There was a holiday deal and these shoes were 40% off!  They fit pretty ok.  My feet are a little bit wider so they get kind of uncomfortable if I wear them around for the entire day.  Also, the Roxy tag on my left foot is kind of scratchy and I'm really tempted to rip it off.  I will say that they are SUPER warm and cozy since the inside has the fuzzy lining. I'd totally recommend it to someone with normal width feet.  I'm hoping mine will stretch out enough for me to wear them comfortably.

Is your online shopping success rate much higher than mine? Let me know what your go-to stores are.



  1. Shame you didn't have much luck with your online shopping! I tend to stick to stores I know and trust the sizing of when shopping online, just to be safe.

  2. ooo I actually like the polka dot pair :)
    and that seafoam green paint color is beautiful!


    <3 Yeasol from theferrytale

  3. Aw, sorry to hear that most things didn't work out! I have heard that different colors sometimes have different sizing and someone explained it to me once. I think it has to do with the dyeing process? I almost never have luck buying pants online - everything else usually has a pretty good chance of fitting. I love the Gap family sites for their free shipping and easy returns in store.

  4. those dotted pants are so cute!


  5. Online shopping is such a hit or miss - I hope you get better luck next time! I've heard great things about the Rockstar skinny jeans... I think they're a great price to have them in a fun print or in cords!

  6. Too bad your online shopping spree wasn't successful due to fit. Most of the pieces are super cute. I agree pants are one of the hardest pieces to buy online if you aren't familiar with the brand's sizing. xA

  7. Online shopping is so convenient! The only bummer is not being able to try stuff on before purchasing :( Cute stuff though!

  8. Luckily I don't have to shop online much, since I can go to most stores

  9. lovely black and white basics, they always come in handy on days where I cannot decide what to wear :)

    1. I agree! love them, and i too go there when in doubt. pairing the two achromatic faves! beautiful blog!

  10. Love the outfits! Awesome dress:)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you!

    xo Lulu

  12. Great post :)
    Wanna follow each other??

  13. Wow yeah you definitely need a 00 in those gap jeans - weird that Gap and Old Navy are the same companies yet the sizing is SO DIFFERENT!

  14. The dress is really beautiful and the white pants suits you so well!

  15. I have the same problems with Gap and Old Navy...everything is HUGE!!! Then you order online and can buy three things in the same size and they all fit frustrating!



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